Victory Riders Club

Godspeed, Sydney Sheppard, aka ‘FishWitch’

Most of Sydney Sheppard’s Victory friends probably never met her face-to-face. Yet they feel like they’ve known her for years because they’ve followed her high-mileage exploits online on various Victory forums. They celebrated when she reached 100,000 miles on her Kingpin. They celebrated when she was selected as one of the Victory True American Road Trip winners. They laughed at her (she had a fantastic self-deprecating sense of humor) and laughed with her because she was hilarious. They pulled for her when work was scarce and celebrated when she landed more work (to which she would commute on her Victory, no matter the weather). Lucky friends on all brands of bikes rode with her, especially all over California. Victory-riding friends also rode with her on V2V Relays, on which she was a Leg Captain. Now, all of us cherish her memory and lift a prayer. Sydney “FishWitch” Sheppard passed away on Monday, Jan. 21, 2013, at her home in Folsom, California. She was 58.